4B exhibition

Krisya from Year 6K came into 4B and presented her knowledge on her exhibition topic. She told the children the history of skateboarding, skills and tricks when skateboarding. This was a great experience for all students!

Kindergarten nature walk

In Kindergarten we are immersed in spring and have been exploring it in many different
ways. We walked around the school to observe the differences in nature: trees and plants, colours, smells and sounds.

Year 5 migration

This week Year 5 was surprised to find their classrooms blocked off as a 'Danger Zone' upon returning from play time. Using their problem solving skills, they decided to take their learning outside. Finally, they realised this was all a simulation to introduce them to our new unit: Human Migration!

Year 8 persuasive speeches

This week Year 8 have been preparing and delivering persuasive speeches in English language class. Inspired by Earth week, students had to research a topic related to environmentalism and then prepare and perform a speech to their peers, informing them about the most pressing issues of our time and convincing them to take action.

Antonio's painting

The Royal Academy Young Artists competition is open to British Schools within the UK mainland and affiliated International British Schools abroad.  At Rome International School, all students in the Middle and High School were invited to take part.