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IB Italian update

Lo scorso venerdì abbiamo avuto il piacere di incontrare Francesca Ricchi, genitore della RIS, scrittrice e poetessa, che ci ha parlato del mondo della scrittura e della poesia.

RIS Middle School Globeducate debate team

On 14th June and 15th June two teams of RIS Students took part in the Globeducate online debates. Debating is an engaging educational activity that helps students develop presentation and public-speaking skills, logical reasoning and using evidence to support an argument. 

Y2 students attend 4Y's mini exhibition on sustainability

As the year comes to an end year 2 have been reflecting on how to save and protect our Planet. During our nature walks around school, students have shown an observant appreciation of nature and a growing enthusiastic commitment to caring for the environment thereby building  an early understanding of how personal actions and choices have a positive or negative impact.

Year 7 P.E. highlights

On Tuesday 17th June, Year 7 students took part in a volleyball tournament, which was a great opportunity to apply all of the skills developed during their lessons in a competitive scenario. 

Year 1 are getting organised

For our last unit How We Organize Ourselves, Year 1 is looking at the different ways oceans are organised. We have explored the difference between salt and freshwater and tested whether the same things float in salt or freshwater.