Meet the new Prefects team, who will be leading the Student Council this year. 

Year 2C

Since the start of the year, Year 2 have been sharing stories every day and using these to make connections with our working and lead to many learning engagements.
Before even opening a book many discussions can start; helping with critical thinking skills , listening and learning to take turns in debate.


The students of Italian as an additional language made a “journey” across the vineyard and found out a little bit more about “La vendemmia”.


The Random Acts of Kindness Club led by Nina, Guya and Abadan in Year 12, contributes to the overall wellbeing of our student community.

Italiano in Kindergarten e Transition

C’è un cassetto nelle vostre case con oggetti di differente uso e di differente materiale e dove i vostri bambini sono liberi di “rovistare” senza farsi male? Quel “cassetto” a scuola, si chiama “gioco euristico”.