The foundation of the learning experience at Rome International School is based on the 7 pillars of our educational approach. The IB Learner Profile underpins everything we do.


In all curriculum areas and every aspect of school life


Success only depends on students' commitment to their studies and this achievement must be rewarded


Helping our students to recognise and advance their natural talents


Spreading the culture and every day practice of respect of others and the environment through clear rules and consistent policies


Every choice, particularly related to the environment, is fundamental to evaluate consequences and implications: for others, for the community, for the planet


This is not simply charity, it is the awareness of belonging to the human race as every other guest of this gigantic 'condominium' which is our planet, where every human being has the same fundamental rights


This is the sense of proportion and the awareness that limits exist and that any excess has a 'cost' for someone else