Our experienced international staff, who represent 19 different nationalities, are committed to our students' education and are there to support, inspire and motivate students.

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Anthony Allard

Middle and High School Principal

Sandy Alves

English Coordinator and Teacher of English

Patricia Andres Villar

Teacher of Spanish - Middle Section

Gurbaksh Bains

Teacher of Year 3

Stefano Baldoni

Science Coordinator and KS3 Coordinator, Teacher of Biology

Lilliana Bastelli

Teacher of Mathematics

Angelo Bernieri

P.E. Department

Francesca Braghetta

Teaching Assistant - Nursery, First Aid Officer, Environmental Project Coordinator

Marina Brunet

Languages Coordinator, Teacher of French

Ilaria Buccedi

Early Years & Elementary Librarian

Lee Burvill

Teacher of Chemistry

Cristina Capparucci

Teacher of Year 2

Vera Caruso

Science Lab Technician

Julie Chambers

Teacher of Year 1

Victoria Chapman

Teacher of Drama

Elin Chidsey

Teacher of Year 1

Laetitia Coic

Teacher of Year 5

Jacqueline Cope

Art & P.E. Coordinator

Mara D'Alessandro

Teacher of P.E.

Heleen De Laat

Transition Teacher

Maria Palma Doriano

Head of Early Years

Teresa Doriano

Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Jayne Eagleson

Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Laela El Sheikh

IB DP Coordinator, Head of Sixth Form

Caralynne Fowler

Teacher of Year 6

Andrea Fulgaro

P.E. Department, CAS Coordinator

Andrea Garofalo

Teacher of Year 5

Maria Gregori

Teacher of Italian

Zita Hetzer

Middle and High Section Deputy, Cambridge Coordinator

Anna Kmiec

Teacher of Year 2

Michael Knight

Teacher of Year 6, Languages Coordinator

Maia Lawand

PYP Coordinator

Gianna Litteri

Teacher of Italian

Carla MacCallum

Middle and High School Librarian, Examinations Officer, University Counsellor

Maria Maglio

Teacher of Italian as an Additional Language

Emilia Martini

Head of Mathematics Faculty, Numeracy Across the Curriculum, Teacher of Mathematics and Physics

Alessandro Marucci

Teacher of Italian - High School

Cathy Mc Gowan

Supply Teacher

Michael McNeill Martinez

Teacher of English, House System Coordinator

Silvia Menegazzi

Teacher of IB Global Politics

Helen Mirsky

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher

Emma Mycroft

Teacher of Humanities - History

Marie Louise Neijts

Kindergarten Teacher

Matthew Opas

Teacher of Humanities - History and Geography

Yngrid Orellana

Teacher of Spanish

Caterina Pallavicino

Italian as an Additional Language (IAL) Teacher

Riccardo Paparusso

Teacher of Philosophy

Gaetano Paratore

Head of Italian Department

Robert Parker

Year 4 Teacher, Information Services and Reports Officer

Ilenia Parnanzone

Teacher of Middle School and IGCSE Chinese, IGCSE & IB DP Italian

Courtney Pereira

Teacher of English

David Powell

Teacher of Music

Lisa Roach

Teacher of Physics and Mathematics

Giovanni Luca Scaglione

Teacher of Chemistry and Science

Luigi Scoppola

Teacher of Italian - Middle Section

Tamsin Scott

Teacher of Nursery

Myrtille Servettaz

Teacher of French

Salameh Mousa Shatnawi

Teacher of Arabic

Holly Smith

Teacher of Year 2

Jenny Stein

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Teacher of English

Yan Sun

Teacher of Chinese

Madison Tangyuk

Teacher of Year 3

Athena Tiliacos

Teaching Assistant - Kindergarten

Hanne Vanneste

Teacher of History & English Literature

Lucia Vivanco

Teacher of Music

Sarah Ward

Teaching Assistant - Transition

Siobhan Wilson

Teacher of Mathematics

Westley Young

Teacher of Year 4
1 2 > showing 1 - 70 of 71 constituents