Our Parent Representative Committee is made up of elected representatives from each class in the Elementary School and each year group in the Middle and High School. Committee members serve for a minimum of one year and act as a communication channel between the school and the parent community. Meet some of the reps by clicking on the tabs below.

Early Years & Elementary

"I became a Parent Rep. to help promote the value of IB Programme because it's the best way to develop attributes like international mindedness in our children”.- Kindergarten representative

“To be a Parent Rep. is a way to be closer to our children; to get to know the families of our community better and to gain an in-depth understanding of the IB approach.” - Transition & Grade 1 representative

What motivates me in my role as Parent Rep. is the idea that effective communication between staff and parents can enrich not only the students’ experience, but also help families get more involved.”

“What motivates me as a Parent Representative is the active participation in contributing to the educational development of our students in its entirety.” - Grade 4 representative

I believe Parent Reps. should ensure prompt and continuous "communication" between the school, students’ parents and among parents themselves as communication is an essential component to building and strengthening the school community." - Grade 3 representative

"Being a Rep. means being a bridge between the school and parents; listening and reporting school initiatives and the needs of parents. Sometimes it's a little hard but also stimulating. You are continuously exposed to different opinions but at the same time it is satisfying because parents trust you." - Grade 6 rep

Middle & High

"It’s a great opportunity that the school is offering us to appreciate students’ evolution and progress daily; allowing us to also proactively solve common challenges all together." - Grade 7 representative

"I’ve been a Parents Representative since my daughter was in Grade 2 because I do consider it a great opportunity to have a real say in the running of the school as well as a chance to share responsibility and ensure communication between Parents and Teachers.” - Grade 8

“My motivation in being a Parent Representative is my deep love for my own and all children. I consider it of outmost importance to understand in-depth their life at school where they spend the most of their time during the day. In this way, I feel I can support them better, even though being a parent is a whole life-learning exercise. I also believe that school should be about being part of a community of students, teachers, parents and staff. Each one has an important role to play and only all together can we work for the benefit of us all.” - Grade 8 representative

"My motivation is my desire to help students and parents to create a good environment where children can thrive; to get-to-know the teachers and help them during the year; to create cooperation between parents, students and teachers. Our kids spend most of their time in school and I think it is really important for them to find a place where they can live as a big family. My kids love the school, they participate with enthusiasm and they are really caring with new students. It is important to work all together as a team! - Grade 9 representative

“I feel that being a Parents Rep. is a good opportunity to support school activities and share opinions and suggestions with other parents to improve our kids’ school life. This will also help us to better understand our children’s needs in such a fast changing world. I am pleased to... make this school a place where our children develop as international citizens.” - Grade 13 representative