The Eco Council at Rome International School

Middle and High Eco Council create dedicated website

Middle and High School Eco Council students have created a website that will showcase all of activities, future events and projects, in particular the outcomes of the global partnership with WWF.

These initiatives underwrite the UN Sustainable Development Goals and help to empower students to play their role in shaping the world.

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Latest news and initiatives from the Eco Council

Our Planet, Our Business

On Wednesday 17th June at 15.00 GMT around 300 students and teachers around the world logged into Zoom to take part in the Our Planet: Our Business webinar organised by WWF in collaboration with 18 Globeducate schools across Canada, Italy, France, the UK.

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'The Start of Change' - a reflection by a High School student

Disaster has struck. The world is in crisis. Yet the first thing that comes to mind after assessing our current situation is how we can't go out anymore or how we can't see our friends. Everything that is going on is extremely crucial but we have to take time to reflect on all aspects of this crisis. For example, the virus has also taken a toll on the environment but not in the way that many may expect.

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Raising awareness around school

Following the creation of the Middle and High School Eco Council in December 2019, one of the first activities of the groups was to put out a call asking for help in making miniature size models of (priority) endangered species. The objective was to place them in strategic locations around the school as a reminder to, for example, turn-off the tap, or the lights/computers; to recycle properly and to avoid single-use plastic. A few different classes offered to get involved in this activity, here are some examples!

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Meet the Middle and High School Eco Council

In December 2019, the school's Eco Council was extended to include students and staff in the Middle and High School. This extended group will be helping to advance the school's mission and status as an Eco School, achieved in 2016. The Middle and High Eco Council will also be working to raise environmental awareness through the Globeducate partnership with WWF, which together with the Eco Schools project, underwrites the group's agenda and vision for 2030, linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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