Mr. Anthony Allard was been appointed the Headmaster of RIS in May 2018. In addition to guiding the pedagogy of the whole school, Mr. Allard will also continue to lead the Middle and High section.

In the last four years as Principal of the Middle and High School, Mr. Allard has demonstrated strong leadership qualities. He is recognised and appreciated by all the staff both for his pedagogic knowledge and for his collaborative style. Under Mr. Allard's leadership, our IGCSE and IB Diploma students continue to achieve excellent results and we are confident that Mr. Allard is the right candidate to achieve the vision and mission of the school at this important period in its development.

Mr. Allard says, "I am looking forward to this exciting new challenge. Over the last four years, I have found working at RIS enjoyable and I particularly appreciate the support of colleagues and parents and I value, above all, the wonderful students I have helped educate.

I joined RIS in 2014 after working as a Headteacher at Oshwal Academy in Mombasa, Kenya. Before then I worked in England for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and educational manager.

I grew up on a farm in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside and this certainly developed my passion for the natural sciences and Biology. I studied at Bangor and Leicester Universities and with the National College for School Leadership, which is based in Nottingham. My particular areas of interest as a scientist are Biochemistry and Botany. My passion for these subjects and my belief in evidence-based improvement means I am particularly keen to make RIS a centre of excellence for Science and Mathematics.

Living in Italy has given me a love for this country's language and culture. In the last four years, RIS has twice received awards for achieving the highest Italian examination marks in the world from Cambridge. A priority is to disseminate these high standards across the whole school. A parent trusting us with their two-year old child in Nursery must be confident that s/he will receive not only the best international education but also a thorough programme of Italian in its widest sense.

For me, a facility for languages is an essential part of education. I myself am learning Italian! Charlemagne said, "To have another language is to possess a second soul". Twelve hundred years after his coronation in this city, his words have lost none of their meaning.

I am confident that we will continue to build on the opportunities provided by our partnership with the wider NACE family of schools."