Meet the DP Coordinator

Ms El Sheikh photo

Ms Laela El Sheikh

IB Diploma Coordinator
Head of Sixth Form

I am from Vienna, Austria. I have travelled to 22 different countries and right now enjoy being in Rome! I have been teaching for a total of 17 years, seven of which have been at various IB Schools and I am also an Economics and TOK IB examiner.

I have two degrees, one in Political Science and one in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE). The first part of my professional life was quite different, I worked in international development projects for several German institutions like the KfW Development Bank, the Friedrich Naumann Institution, the Hans Seidl Institution and Siemens. During these years, I became a global citizen and I gained insight into problems facing developing countries. I had the opportunity to add little pieces into the mosaic of development and I also learned about the importance of sustainability.

Years later, when my three children started school, I started my career as a teacher. I believe that I was in fact born to be a teacher. I truly find this to be one of the most rewarding professions. I love to work with children, to be part of their future and open the doors of knowledge to them. Every child is gifted in a way and we teachers just need to find the key to the right door.