IB Diploma (Ages 16 to 18)

Rome International School is very proud of the IB Diploma Programme results. Our students all study towards the full Diploma and our scores have been consistently above the Global Average, enabling students to pursue their studies at the university of their choice.

The IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) is an academically challenging two-year curriculum, privileged as a means to university entrance worldwide. It encourages students to become internationally minded and reflective life-long learners embodying the attributes of the Learner Profile.

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The value of an IB education with Stanford University's Assistant Dean of Admissions

Our Approach

Students’ timetables are personalised and reflect individual subject choices.

During the week, students will have individual study periods during school time – in line with the belief that independent research and ownership of one’s learning are core values in the IB Philosophy. Our students can count on:

  • systematic, individual guidance when choosing their subjects
  • a pastoral care structure that, through the Form Tutor and the DP Coordinator, allows progress to be constantly monitored and supported

Subject Choices

Each student in the Diploma Programme (DP) studies six subjects, at least one from the subject areas for Mother Tongue, Language Acquisition, Humanities, Sciences and Maths, and there is also the option to choose a subject from the Arts or to pick another subject from Languages, Humanities or Sciences. This enables students to study virtually any discipline at university level.

In addition to these six subjects, each student completes the three core components of the IB DP: Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Action and Service).

IB DP and the Italian Maturità

Our students have the opportunity to choose from a wealth of subjects, taught by experienced teachers, and are also able to qualify (with the right subject combinations) for the Italian Maturità.

We are currently able to offer subject combinations for the Liceo Linguistico, Liceo Scientifico and the Liceo Scienze Umane. There are certain requirements for each of these and it is important to discuss the options with the IB DP Coordinator in order to find the right fit.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) provides the main opportunity to develop many of the attributes described in the IB Learner Profile. For this reason, the aims of CAS have been written in a form that highlights their connections with the IB Learner Profile.

The CAS programme aims to develop students who are:

  • reflective thinkers— they understand their own strengths and limitations, identify goals and devise strategies for personal growth
  • willing to accept new challenges and new roles
  • aware of themselves as members of communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment
  • active participants in sustained, collaborative projects
  • balanced—they enjoy and find significance in a range of activities involving intellectual, physical, creative and emotional experiences.

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Subjects offered at Rome International School include, Global Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Chinese and Art alongside the standard Modern Languages, Humanities, Sciences and Maths courses.


University Fair - 4 April 2019

At RIS we offer a personalised university and career guidance to help our students make the best choice for their future. Our counselling services are committed to stay abreast of cutting edge global career paths and university trends.

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