Meet the Cambridge Coordinator

Ms Zita Hetzer

Ms Zita Hetzer

Cambridge Coordinator
Middle and High Section Deputy

My role as IGCSE Coordinator is to guarantee a smooth transition from Middle School to High School; to make sure that the two-year IGCSE course in each subject runs according to the expectations of the school and lead to a successful examination period at the end of Grade 11. As part of this process I will be:

  • helping students in Grade 9 to choose subjects for their IGCSE courses
  • coordinating with subject teachers about the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabi
  • communicating with parents about IGCSE related admin
  • organising mock, internal and public examinations
  • administering entries for the IGCSE examinations
  • briefing students about rules and regulations of CIE examinations
  • handling certificates

My aim is to contribute with all my knowledge and experience to our students’ overall success in the first two years of their high school education.