More than a classroom

Being a part of the International Baccalaureate community has heightened our interest in developing partnerships to enrich the curriculum and provide motivating student learning experiences.

Model United Nations

Since 2014, High School students have participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) conference held in New York.

Ms. El Sheikh, Humanities and MUN Coordinator and High School students report back on the Model United Nations conference held in New York with the participation of 3,000 students from around the world!

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After long and intensive tutoring by RIS' partner Consules, our High School Model United Nations (MUN) delegates travelled to New York from 8 to 15 March for New York High School MUN conference, held at the Hilton Hotel, where they met and debated with more than 3,000 students from all over the world.

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Residential Trips

From grade 3 to grade 12, carefully chose residential trips, either in Italy or to international locations, are offered annually. The itinerary for all trips is carefully chosen to ensure an educational but enjoyable experience for the students and the security of students is always uppermost in our minds.

Grade 8's 'Galileo' residential trip inspires students

Earlier this week, Grade 8 students spent three days in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Tuscany! On the first and third day, students visited Florence where they were guided around some of the many marvels of Renaissance architecture.

Grade 7's residential trip to Cilento

Last week, Grade 7 had the opportunity of visiting Cilento, for a three-day visit to the main attractions in this beautiful region. The students were accompanied by Mr. Scoppola and Ms. Walters

Grade 3 residential trip highlights

Grade 3 visited "La Tuscia Romana" this year for the residential trip. We had a fun-packed three days discovering the area around Lake Bolsena. We visited the National Park of Vulci and saw some ruins from the ancient Etruscans and learnt how to weave just like they did.


Excursions and visits to places of interest, such as exhibitions and museums, are carefully planned and extend the knowledge, skills and understanding gained in the classroom. These activities are one way of connecting with the local community, helping students to see the relation between what is being learned in the classroom and real-life.

Grade 9 turn Rome into their classroom

Have you ever been to the centre of Rome? If you haven't, you must go and visit it, It's fantastic! There are so many beautiful historic sites which were built centuries ago. They decorate the city and also take us back to the year of their construction.

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¿Quién es Fernando Botero?

Ms. Orellana's Grade 9 & 10 Spanish students visited the Fernando Botero exhibition currently underway at the Complesso del Vittoriano - Ala Brasini. Ms. Orellana's students share their experiences with us in Spanish!

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Transition visit local farm to understand 'How the World Works'

We spent the day enjoying the sights of many farm animals, vineyards, olive trees and finally a train ride around the farm. The children had the opportunity to plant their very own basil to then take home. They experienced what it means to be a farmer and the responsibilities that come along with it.

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Exchange Visits

Rome International School has the full intention of extending the cultural and educational experience of its students by forging strong links with other IB schools worldwide. Exchange trips between our High School students and those of our ‘partner schools’ will be organised where possible by teachers at appropriate times of the year.