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Stimulating inquiry: Early Years/Elementary library gets a makeover

The renovation of the Library, which started in April, has now been finalised.

The renovations are aimed at enhancing the important role the Library has in the PYP pedagogical project; it is a place where students increase their abilities to become life-long learners. These new changes also meet the Library's mission to create a space that stimulates inquiry and that is a welcoming and relaxing space to enjoy reading.

The Library is now divided into three well marked spaces: Fiction; Non-fiction; International.

Elementary Library Fiction section

The most important change in the Fiction section concerns the Novels. These have been re-classified according to genres in order to facilitate students' research and to provide the Librarian a better understanding of the growth of the collection and to plan activities around literary genres.

Elementary Library Fiction section

The Non-fiction section has been rearranged and split more accurately to follow the Dewey decimal classification system. The new shelf signage emphasises the most common topics in the PYP Units of Inquiry plus those most sought after by students for their own personal interest.

The International section presents a new division for languages, marked by appropriate labels. The new organisation of the Italian section divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction facilitates student research to support learning within the Italian Units and allows them to take more pleasure in reading.

Learner Profile book labels have been created that recall the wall stickers applied in April. These new labels will provide the opportunity for a more thorough knowledge of the content, particularly to help students make connections in their learning.

- Ms. Buccedi, Early Years and Elementary Librarian