Why Apply?

We understand that choosing the best education possible for your child is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Here are six reasons why enrolling at Rome International School opens a world of possibilities for your child:

  1. With an intake of over 500 students, representing more than 45 nationalities, we offer families an international education that is academically challenging and individually rewarding.
  2. For the first time in September 2017, all students in Grade 3 will be given the chance to study either Arabic or Chinese within the curriculum by mother tongue teachers.
  3. French, Chinese and Spanish language courses are available as extra-curricular options in Elementary allowing students the possibility to continue these courses in the Middle and High School.
  4. Creativity, physical health and well-being is important for all of our students. Middle School students have lessons in Art, Music and Drama. P.E. is taught in all years. The hours allocated to all these subjects exceed international benchmarks for both timing and activities covered.
  5. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is embedded in every day learning. Students across the school have access to banks of laptops and iPads as additional educational resources.
  6. A thriving Italian department is present in the school and the didactic activities of our Italian subject teachers are carefully coordinated across the school.