IB Primary Years (Ages 3 to 11)

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is a trandisciplinary programme for children from 3 to 11 years of age.

The PYP encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning and build their skills to become lifelong learners.

Students who complete the Primary Years Programme at Rome International School will be students who have established a personal set of values which will lay the foundation for international mindedness to develop and flourish.

The IB PYP at Rome International School

At Rome International School, your child:

  • Develops a deep understanding of important concepts
  • Conducts reserach into knowledge, which has local and global significance
  • Acquires and practices a range of essential skills
  • Is encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, the environment and other people
  • Has the opportunity for involvement in responsible action and social service

What is transdisciplinary learning?

  • The PYP is transdisciplinary meaning students investigate big ideas supported and enriched by the traditional subject areas. The IB is committed to making sure that students in IB programmes meet and exceed local or national standards. *www.ibo.org.
  • Students at Rome International School are instructed, in a transdisciplinary way, in the following subjects: English, Italian, Mathematics, Science *, History *, Geography *, The Arts: Drama, Music, Visual Arts, PSPE (Personal, Social and Physical Education), Music, ICT.

*Science, History and Geography (Social Studies) are taught through units of inquiry as are the other subjects when appropriate.

How do I know about my child's progress?

  • The school uses differentiation in the classroom as well as critical and creative problem-solving and thinking skills to ensure that all of our students are working with purposeful, engaging and active learning situations.
  • The school promotes the use of a range of strategies that are designed to give a clear picture of your child’s progress. This progress will be reported to you regularly, twice in writing and once through the student led conference. Parents are encouraged to play an active role in supporting their child’s learning.

Music and Physical Education

  • The children have lessons with a specialist teacher for Physical Education and Music .
  • There is also a full-time librarian who works with all the classes.


  • French, Spanish and Chinese Language and Culture lessons are offered as extra-curricular activities from Grade 3. These languages can be pursued as curriculum options in the Middle School (High School students can also pursue these courses as part of the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme).
  • The school also has specialist teachers for EAL (English as an Additional Language) and IAL (Italian as an Additional Language) who work closely with the class teachers to provide extra support for those children who need it.

The Transition from PYP to Middle School

  • Our Middle School starts with Grade 7 and students will be expected to show the relevant competences in English and Mathematics, in the form of oral and written assessment. Grade 6 teachers will be consulted about all individual cases in good time during their final year of Elementary School.
  • Students intending to follow the Middle School mainstream Italian programme leading to the Italian licenza media exam will also be expected to pass assessment tests in Italian.

The PYP is recognised worldwide as one of the most advanced international programmes for elementary schools.